About Us

Our History

The Potters House Christian Centre Doncaster is part of Christian Fellowship Ministries whose vision is to see dignity restored to the local church by seeing lives changed and transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ through raising up disciples and planting churches. Christian Fellowship Ministries was founded in 1970 by Pastor Wayman Mitchell and his late wife Nelda in Prescott (Arizona, U.S.A) and the fellowship now has over 2,700 churches worldwide that are making an incredible impact across the globe.

Our Vision

Our Vision as a church is to see people have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ and be effective in their Christianity by growing and changing into the person that god calls them to be


Evangelism is our goal we aim to reach the lost and share with them what Jesus has done in our lives


Discipleship plays a big part in our church  raising up men and women to be a disciple of Christ and to serve in the local body


Church Planting is the ultimate goal to see couples get planted into another city or nation to fulfill Jesus’s call for the great commission

(Mark 16:15)

Statement Of Faith

1. That Jesus Christ is the son of the living God, and the only saviour from Sin

2.  That Jesus Christ is the healer of the body, through the blood that was shed on Calvary

3. That Jesus Christ is the baptizer of the holy spirit

4. That Jesus Christ is soon returning as King

5.  That Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever